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CAS No. : 1314–13–2
Zinc white, Flowers of Zinc, Pigment white 4, Philosopher’s wool of Zinc metal, Chinese white, Calamine, etc.

Molecular Formula ZnO
Molecular Weight 81.38 g/mol
EC No.         215-222-5
CAS No. 1314-13-2
Structural Formula Zn=O
ZnO occurs as white powder known as zinc white or as the mineral zincite. The mineral usually contains a certain amount of manganese and other elements and is of yellow to red color. Crystalline zinc oxide is thermochromic, changing from white to yellow when heated and in air reverting to white on cooling.

The applications of zinc oxide powder are numerous, and the principal ones are summarized below. Most applications exploit the reactivity of the oxide as a precursor to other zinc compounds.

Characteristics  Properties
Appearance Fine Smooth White Powder
Melting Point 1975 ºC [decomposes]
Solubility Insoluble in Water, Alcohol, Soluble in dilute acids
Moisture Content [% mass] 0.25 Max.
Zinc Oxide [as ZnO] 99.4% Min.
Matter insoluble in HCl[% mass] 0.15 Max.
Lead as Pb [% mass] 0.1 Max

RUBBER : Heavy-duty pneumatic tires carry high loadings of Zinc Oxide for heat conductivity as well as reinforcement since heat-buildup is critical at their higher operating speeds compared with their solid-rubber counterparts. It is mainly used for activation, acceleration, biochemical activity, heat stabilization, latex geletion, etc.
PAINT: Zinc Oxide in organic coatings provides a broad spectrum of properties: optical, chemical, biochemical and physical.
CERAMICS : Zinc Oxide imparts a unique combination of properties when used in glass. Zinc Oxide reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion, imparts high brilliance and luster and high stability against deformation under stress.
PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY : Zinc Oxide is mainly used in Zinc soap, ointment, dental inlays, food powders etc. Zinc Oxide forms an indispensable element of the production process of this industry.
COSMETICS : The optical and biochemical properties of Zinc Oxide and its derivatives impart special features to a variety of cosmetic preparations for care of the hair and skin.
FOOD INDUSTRY : Zinc Oxide and its derivatives contributing special fungi-static and chemical properties to the processing and packaging of various animal and vegetable products.
OTHERS : Zinc oxide is also used as fire retardants, in ferrites, in batteries,fuel cells,photo cells, as thermoelements ,silicate compositions, in sulphur removal, as metal protective coating, etc.
25 kg Paper Bags with Liner Inside.

NOTE : The tests and results shown were conducted in our laboratories. They do not constitute a guarantee and it is suggested that you carry out your own evaluations prior to the adoption of these products.

NOTE : The products are offered without patent protection. For this reason and before submitting orders, it is purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that products requested are not covered by any patent in his country.

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