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CAS No. : 6865–35–6
H.S.Code : 29159090
Synonyms BARIUM STEARATE, Barium Octadecanoate, Barium Di Stearate
Molecular Formula  [CH 3(CH 2) 16 CO 2] 2 Ba OR C 36H 70BaO 4
Mol.Wt.  704.28
EINECS No. 229-966-3
ITC Code 291590.09
Merck Index No.  
Beilstein Reference  
Structural Formula
BARIUM STEARATE is a soft, fine fluffy free flowing bulky powder having characteristic odor.

Characteristics Properties
Appearance White Fine Powder
Melting Point 215ºC  – 220ºC
Solubility Insoluble in Water
Moisture Content  Less than 2%.
Total Ash Content  Between 28 – 30 %
Free Stearic Acid  Max. 2%
Barium Content 19 – 21%
Bulk Density App. 0.20 Gm / CC
Fineness through 240 mesh 99% passes.
Loss on Drying 2 % Max.
PVC Compounds, Rigid PVC Pipes and Cables, PVC Profiles and Flooring, PVC Footwear, Master Batches. BARIUM STEARATE is heat stabilizer and lubricant for transparent PVC Compound. It is generally used in conjunction with other stabilizers Cadmium Stearate and Lead Stearate.

A combination of Barium, Zinc and CALCIUM STEARATE can be used as a stabilizer in food grade PVC processing. Due to high melting point BARIUM STEARATE is used for high-speed calendaring. It is used as a flatting and sanding agents in lacquers, coatings and inks.

It is also used as drying lubricants and dusting agents for rubbers.
Laminated HDPE Bags with separate liner inside.

NOTE : The tests and results shown were conducted in our laboratories. They do not constitute a guarantee and it is suggested that you carry out your own evaluations prior to the adoption of these products.

NOTE : The products are offered without patent protection. For this reason and before submitting orders, it is purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that products requested are not covered by any patent in his country.

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