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C.I. NO. : 10006
CAS No. : 16143 – 80 – 9
Cement Tiles, Cement Colours, Dry Dispersion Paints, Textile Printing, Rubber, Plastics, Water Based Paints, LDPE/HDPE/PP, Artist & Poster Colours,
Foundry Chemicals, Tarpaulin etc. etc.
Product Name : PIGMENT GREEN B

Specification No. Product Name Code Effective Date Page No.
PP/807/01 PIGMENT GREEN B 807 11/02/1999 1 of 1
Tests Specification
% Volatile Matter     2.5 max.  
% Matter soluble in water     3.0 max.  
% Residue on sieve (325 mesh)     0.3 max.  
pH       55 (± 10%)  
Specific Gravity     1.4  
Bulk Density g/cc     0.34  
Water     4  
5 % NaOH     4 - 5  
5 % HCl     4  
Linseed Oil     5  
Ethanol     3  
Ethyl Acetate     4  
Xylene     4  
n-Butanol     2  
Methyl Ethyl Ketone     1  
Mineral Terpentine     4 - 5  
Cellosolve     1  
Dioctyl Phthalate     1  
Resistance to        
5 % HCl     Poor  
5 % NaOH     Good  
120 Deg. C 30 min.     Stable  
150 Deg. C 20 min.     Stable  
180 Deg. C 10 min     Stable  
210 Deg. C 10 min.     Stable  
Full tone     7 - 8  
Tint     4 - 5  

Approved By
Executive (CPTL)

Product Specification (End Application)

Laminated HDPE Bags with separate liner inside

Specification No. Product Code Effective Date
C/807/A01/06 807 20/03/1999
Product Name PIGMENT GREEN B   
End Application Plastic  
Tests Specificaton Test Method No.
Colour Shade (Full Tone) Close to Standard CPTL/201
Colour Shade (Tint) Close to Standard CPTL/201
Colour Strength (Tint) 100 + 5 % CPTL/201
Dispersion on Hegman Guage Close to Standard CPTL/319
Flow ± 20 % of Standard CPTL/318
Transparency Close to Standard CPTL/320
Physical Properties Refer PP/807 CPTL/103

NOTE : The tests and results shown were conducted in our laboratories. They do not constitute a guarantee and it is suggested that you carry out your own evaluations prior to the adoption of these products.

NOTE : The products are offered without patent protection. For this reason and before submitting orders, it is purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that products requested are not covered by any patent in his country.

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